Monday, January 7, 2008

Lookout Below

On a drive Sunday afternoon, we made a stop at Mt. Tom State Park.

Some skaters were making use of a cleared out area on a pond. Looks like fun, but you'll never catch me out there. Same goes for ice fishing. Thanks, but... Stomping around about 6 inches above an icy abyss, on a slippery surface, prone to melting or cracking? Nah. I'm good. You guys go right ahead...

The park was closing in about an hour, so we just went directly to the lookout tower. Or rather, I just went directly to the lookout tower. My kid climbed up for a quick look around. But then he decided it was much more entertaining to try to bean me with a snowball from below, as I scanned the beautiful view.


The tower is nice and sturdy, and there is a good view of Easthampton. It's also a good spot to view the winter migrations of various raptors, as they make their way along the Mt. Tom range. There's a placard at the base of the tower identifiing the local varieties.

My communing with nature was short-lived. Soon I was dodging two sets of snowballs, as Kelly joined in on the tower assault. I managed to catch a couple though, and returned the favor.


It didn't take long before the two aggressors broke their alliance and turned on each other. Such is the way of the gun.

Luckily for me they soon found that snow for good snowballs, is also snow for good snowmen. They turned their swords into plowshares, and left me alone, while they got to building Frosty.

In no time they had constructed a healthy -if homely- looking snowman.

Kelly finished by adorning him with a little heart, made of snow.

It was time to go. But first we had to drag my kid (a.k.a. 'Destructo') away from smashing the creation.

We piled back into the car, and left Mr. Snowman to enjoy the sunset...


Mary E.Carey said...

Such a fun post. When they were throwing snowballs at you did they mention anything about blogging?

Tommy said...


Tony said...

I'm pretty sure I heard Kelly say "Post This!" as she lobbed one at me!