Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Railly Good Book

Here's a book for the rail-trail afficionados among us. It's called Rail Trails New England.

It's written by the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy. This is a group based in Washington DC, with a mission "To protect America's irreplaceable rail corridors by transforming them into multiuse trails. It's hope is that these pathways will reconnect Americans with their neighbors, communities, nature, and proud history."

The RTC was founded in 1986, has more than 100,000 members, and is the nation's leading advocate for rail trails and greenways.

The book is very well laid out, with information on 60 rail trails throughout the 6 New England states.

Each trail listed has a nice map, with street names and distances. There are also icons for allowed trail use; like skating, wheelchair access, horseback riding, ect. Each trail also has a summary of what you'll see on the route, and some interesting history.

The book was recently published in 2007, and includes Western Mass trails; such as the Northampton Bikeway, the Manhan, and Norwottuck. Also included is the Ashuwilliticook (try saying it) trail out in the Berkshires. Unfortunately they missed the Montague Canal-Side Trail. It was just opened in 2007, probably after publishing. I'm sure they'll get that one next edition.

It's published by Wilderness Press and goes for about $16. It's part of a series, they also have a book for the Southeast, and another for the Mid-Atlantic region. Don't need the hard copy? You can read it all for free on their website...aint' the web great?

Even if I can't bike a trail with this weather, it's a fun read, and a good way to plot out some outdoor trips for this spring and summer.


Tommy said...

This book needs to be turned into a website, financed by advertising from hiking equipment manufacturers and travel agencies.

I shouldn't have to rely on old fashioned publishing technology to access this information nor should I have to pay for it.

Tony said...

Ask and you shall receive:

(I'm going to add this link to this post...)