Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Rabbit Tale

What do you do with a lost rabbit?

This guy's been hanging around my place for the last three days, at least.

He's obviously domesticated, obviously homeless, and obviously doesn't have the sense to find shelter.

I thought maybe he'd find his way back home by now, or nature would have run it's course. But no. The little guy's still there again tonight. We made some phone calls; The Thomas O'Connor animal rescue said they don't cover my town, and suggested we call the police. We did, and they refered us to the town animal control agent. Gave her a call, she said she can't do anything until the morning, and to call her back then. Tried the MSPCA, got a recorded message with their hours of operation. Hmm.

This has got to be at least the third night of freezing temps for the rabbit. We can't take him in, because the dog would be bouncing off the ceiling, and the rabbit would probably die of fright.
I dug deep, and decided to open up the garage a little, risk exposing some of my most valuable stuff to theives all night, and build the little dummy a makeshift shelter for the night. Replete with carrot slices and dog food.

This better work and keep him alive until the animal control lady can come get him tommorrow.
If this was my dad's time and country, the problem would have been solved already, with rice on the side.


Mary E.Carey said...

I'll be checking back often to see how it turned out for the little guy.

Tony said...

UPDATE: OK, the Rabbit dilemma has been resolved (at least from my end). The animal control lady has come by and picked it up. Good luck to him...