Friday, January 11, 2008

You Look How I Feel

It's been nice and mild all week. And I'm not complaining. There is a down side though; the nice white blanket of snow has melted off.

Leaving this behind:


A cloudy, rainy week can be a little demoralizing, even in the warmest months. But in January? Geez. I had to dig through some old pictures and drag out some summertime greens and blues:

Aaah. Needed that.


Mary E.Carey said...

The top photo is fantastic. Were you in the car and that car was in front of you? Is it from now or Halloween time? It may look depressing, but when I stepped out to get the paper this morning I had a fleeting sensation of spring. I'll take it!

Tony said...

It was from last sunday, but it does have a nether-world feel to it, huh? It was in Noho. (again, nether world?) There is a web address under the wood sculptures if you look closely-
I checked out his site, pretty interesting art!