Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wolf Moon Rising

The temps were so frigid today, we spent most of the day inside. About 3-ish though, I decided to take a little ride with the kid and get some air, however cold it may be. We ended up going towards Northampton, where we saw these two hardcore bikers.

The sunset looked like it had potential to be a good one, so we went to the fields around Northampton airport, for front row seats.

The guy in this car in front of us had a tripod set up. He'd occasionally step out and make an adjustment or maybe take a picture as the sun dipped lower, then hurry back into the vehicle.

I don't blame him, in the few minutes I stepped out to take some pics, the light wind was so cold, it made my eyes water.

On the opposite horizon, January's nearly full moon (the 'Wolf' moon) was on the rise...

My jeans began to feel like cold stiff cardboard around my legs, and my gloves were doing nothing to keep my fingers warm. I also hurried back into my vehicle, and cranked up the heater.

Man! It was cold today. Pretty...but cold!

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Mary E.Carey said...

What fantastic photos you got though!