Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Night Train

One of Amtrak's national routes, the Vermonter, comes through Springfield on it's way from Washington D.C. to northern Vermont.

The idea of a commuter rail line, running several trains daily from Springfield to New Haven, pops up every once in a while in the media and blogosphere. The blog Urban Compass has a recent update on the continuing efforts by commuter rail advocates to bring this about.

I was recently at the Amtrak station, directly across the track from the now defunct Union Station, and took some night pics:

The main entrance, which kind of looks like a prison check-in area, replete with a two-sided mirror and guard booth.

The entrance definitely looks safe, but not very inviting. A dash up the stairs or elevator brings you up and outside to the train platform and station.

An Amtrak train sat idling as I got off the elevator. The whole platform rumbled. It looked mighty powerful, even standing still.

There's a nice view of the downtown high rises as you walk into the main station.

Inside, the station looks much more modern and comfortable than the cold entrance-way. Notice the pay phones on the wall, a dying species.

The saving and rejuvenation of Union Station is part of the overall dream of the commuter rail.
I didn't have time to get some pics of that venerable old building, I'll have to make a return visit, hopefully in the daytime...

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