Monday, January 28, 2008

The Hillary Effect

I happened to be working at Springfield College today, and heard that Hillary Clinton was making an appearance, at the P.E. building on the campus. I had no intention of trying to get in to hear her. But I did have the camera with me. A blogger must do what a blogger must do. So I decided to take an early lunch, and get some pics of the Hillary Hordes, waiting in line to see her. There sure were a lot of them.

They must have been lined up for at least a quarter mile. Unfortunately, the small stadium filled up quick. When the police came out to say the doors were shut, they were still lined up into the distance.

No matter, a good sized crowd then clustered around the outside of the stadium, in hopes of catching a glimpse of her.

Occasionally there would be a rush to one door or another, as some rumor spread in the crowd. I guess you either love or hate Hillary. This crowd loved her.

Newscasters were also on hand, of course.

There were some people there with other agendas, taking advantage of the big crowd. These guys were unhappy with a certain construction company doing work on the campus.

For some, hope still springs eternal...

Here's some more (read: better) political blogger coverage of the event: Heather Brandon's here, and Victor Davila's here...


Heather B said...

We need some kind of secret blogger code so we can find each other at events when we least expect it. Is there a certain kind of hat or a pin or a sticker that would work? We were at the same place at the same time today - would've loved to meet you.

Victor Davila said...

Hello, My name is Victor Davila from Springnfield. I just starters blogging regarding issues affecetinig the Hispanic Community ini Springfield and in Massachusettss. Would you add my blogg to your site?


Victor Davila

Bill Dusty said...

Good job!

I'm surprised the hotdog vendors didn't get out there ;-)

Tony said...

Heather, I was that guy in an HVAC repairman's uniform on the fringes of the event, oddly looking at his watch and taking pictures!

Victor, good luck with your Latino blog, it's good, and it's a good idea...I'm linking both you and Heather to this post.

Bill D, I wish they were selling hot dogs out there, as I used up my lunch break to check it out.

Heather B said...

I'll have to scan my photos of the crowd hanging around outside the arena and see if I can spot you.

Hot dog vendors... now there's an idea. I would have gone for a hot chocolate myself.